Welding fumes and grinding dust are not only significant health hazards for your welding workers, but can also restrict productivity and the accuracy of your products. This is why, since 1991, we have been working on efficient solutions for a "clean workplace" for workers.

Technical know-how, personal experience and expert developers in recent years have managed to create innovative and durable extraction and filter systems resulting in less smoke and dust at the welder's workplace. So workers' health is kept from being damaged and products are meticulously crafted.

Our systems include extraction units for dust, smoke, gases and fumes, as well as solvents and oil or mist emulsions. Our solutions for a clean workplace have been tried and tested: Extraction walls, exhaust arms, mobile extraction units and welding fume extraction systems, as well as paint fog extraction walls and extraction tables reduce harmful hazardous substances and give your employees a clean workplace that safeguards their health.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with renowned production partners, you obtain Hirscher filter and extraction systems with an unparalleled price-performance ratio so that cleanliness and health is ensured in your business at a fair price.

We see ourselves as your long-term consultant and assistant - not just for a one-off specific need. So you are free to contact us for the statutory Maintenance and Measurement Protocols (as per § 32 GKV 2011) for your air conditioning system.