Our range of electronically-controlled, hot-air equipment combines maximum performance and quality with innovative technology:

  • As a result, the TW 5000 is currently the most advantageous and versatile hot-air welding machine on the market.
  • For detail work on roofs, our specially-designed heat gun DW2000 is the ideal tool!
  • The Sievert B2 welding machine is a newly developed, electrically operated propane hot-air welding machine without a naked flame and has been specially developed for welding bituminous roofing and waterproofing membranes, such as APP and SBS.
  • For detail work and repairs, we recommend our B2 hot-air hand tool for fast, clean work! The innovative hot-air, hand-held device is a high-quality, essential work aid, in particular for detailed work on corners and edges, as well as welding on smaller roof surfaces!

Discover new and revolutionary methods of hot-air welding!