Practice shows that blowers or compressed air respirators that are used in industry and not maintained on a regular basis are to a large extent in a poor or incomplete condition.
The user is given the idea that by using the equipment he benefits from protection that in fact is only partial or in many cases non-existent.

For this reason, respirator systems, depending on the degree of use, should have the following checked regularly:

The blower system:

  • Visual inspection and function
  • Hygienic cleaning or disinfection
  • Airflow check
  • Alarm threshold calibration
  • Alarm function check
  • Rechargeable battery check
  • Charger check
  • Marking with inspection label

Head section:

  • Visual inspection and functional test
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Replacement of defective or missing parts (e.g.: welding strips, etc.)
  • Air hose check