Our partner, the expert on propane gas equipment and accessories:

Sievert GmbH - Heating tools for professionals.

With Sievert you can be on the safe side: Reliable equipment from professionals for all jobs with propane equipment, for soldering, brazing, warming or scarfing.


The Sievert Promatic system, a universal and weatherproof burner system with rotating hose connection and fine gas valve for precise flame adjustment, is the ideal tool for working with propane with a claim to quality and universal applicability.


Sievert offers a comprehensive range of soldering sets from blowtorches to cyclone burners for all soft soldering and brazing jobs, for colour removal, tinning or other heating applications.


For professional shrinking jobs, for paint removal and for other heating applications, for major repair work on cars and trucks, as well as smaller soldering jobs in the home, such as caramelising sugar or lighting the barbecue and candles, Sievert maintains an extensive product range of hot-air burners, shrink heaters and other soldering torches.

Roofing, plumbing and road construction:

Weatherproof burner systems, heat guns, detail torches, roofing torches and hot-air welding machines for roofers, road workers and layers of bitumen membranes. By using titanium, Sievert offers customers burners that are up to 60% lighter for less strain on the back and joints during roofing work.


Any job is made considerably easier using practical accessories. Thanks to years of experience with propane burners, welding and soldering work, Sievert knows what a tradesman needs for professional jobs: High-quality, durable Sievert accessories and special requirements such as precise nozzles, pressure rollers or additional weights, welding tools, fire protection mats and soldering fluid, couplings and grinding wheel dressers.